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Help... my litter trained Chihuahua won't go in her boxes!

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Help... my litter trained Chihuahua won't go in her boxes! I do not know what the problem is as nothing has changed as far as the box cleaning schedule, etc... she never not went in her box. All of a sudden she just does not like using her litter boxes and I do not know what to do! Has anyone else had this problem? P-Nut is 1 1/2 and has been GREAT up until recently... did not have a problem training her, etc. so we have no idea what the deal is now. Any help would be great! THANKS!!!
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I dont know unless something scared her and make sure its clean. I am gonna try and train my new baby to do a litter I will be anxious to see what others say.
Hmmm, I don't know either.

Did you change cleaning products or litter recently?
i really dont know what it could be if she was perfect before - has she had any trauma recently ie : been neutered etc :?: :wave:
I read somewhere that it was common for them to mess up sometimes and not use the box. Bella has been littler trained since about 10 weeks and shes now 1.5 and has her times when she somehow seems to forget where she is supposed to go and uses the same spot on the floor. She knows she did wrong though because I will see her sneaking around looking guilty. This has happened maybe 3 times and lasts for about a week. I don't know why though. Then she will go back to normal. I don't know whats going through her little head :roll:
Ace is 8 months old and he still has his accidents occasionally. My boyfriend and I use newspaper in his box (he likes to eat the wee-wee pads) and once we put the sale papers in there from the newspaper. They're kind of more 'slick' than the regular newspaper and when Ace was stepping out of his box, the papers slid, and he got scared. We had to bribe him with food to get him to go back in there. Maybe your chi got scared while using her box one day?

Also, where do you keep the litter box? Is it dark? We keep Ace's box in the bathroom & at every morning we'd notice pee on the carpet outside the bathroom door. We thought maybe he was scared to go in there because it was so dark, so we put a night light in there. Now he goes in there at night.

Just some suggestions :)
this is not as relevant since your dog is 1.5 years old, but is she dribbling, or urinating more frequently, drinking more water than usual? any change in the color of the urine? innapropriate urination can often indicate urinary tract infections or crystals, although for his age it is less common. if it continues without explanation maybe a trip to the vet wouldn't be a bad idea.
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