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So my little chi is nameless. And we've had her for one month! I had lots of names prepared but thought when I see her I'll know... I didn't!
We have been calling her baby and it has really stuck - but my bf hates it as do most other people I know. I think it is really cute...

So back to my long list of possibilities:

Angel, Ava, Baby Girl, Belle, Bluebell,
Chico, Chika, Chiquita, Crystal, Cupcake,
Ella, Fifi, Honey, Izzie – (Isabelle), Kitten,
Lila, Lola, Lottie, Maddie (Madison), Maisie,
Minnie, Paris, Peaches, Pebbles, Piper,
Pixie, Poppy, Princess, Star, Tallulah,
Tasha, Tiffany, Tilly, Tinkerbelle (nn Tinka),
Trixie (Beatrix), Trixabelle, Twinkle

I'm sure there are more I forget now...!

Poppy is my boyfriends choice, Minnie is my sisters and Honey is my mums fave. Paris and Tinkerbelle have been ruled out thanks to Paris Hilton.
I'm driving myself crazy over this. I like Chika, Pebbles, Maisie, Piper and of course Baby girl. I just can't decide what suits her. I want a cute, pretty, stylish, and slightly unusual name.

Any suggestions, help or advice anyone? Thanks

PS It was great to see the names posts - I thought some of my names were quite original but i see they have pretty much all been mentioned before!!

I've tried to attach a pic of her but it hasn't worked. She a little creamy naughty ball of fluff!

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I am getting a girl dog next time for sure and the name I like most(at the moment) is Pixie.
It's so hard naming animals, my little boys named Mikey and I don't really care for it. They actually named him Michealangelo after a ninja turtle lol.
Just take your time and make sure it's a name you both can live w/ . :wink:

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Ya know what? It is hard to pick a name! I have a new chi too and I kept telling myself that I better like it, cuz it will be her name for many years (even after the kids are gone!!) to come. We picked Lola and I am so glad! When we are out with her, which is alot lately, and I tell people her name, they laugh and say, "Oh, my goodness" and they laugh, now I think that means they like it!! :shock: Uhhhhhhh, doesn't it?? he, he!!!
Anyway Barry Manilow was on TV the other day, on Oprah and he was singing "Her name was Lola, she was a show girl...." anyway, my 11 year old just got so excited!! My older girls said yep that song is about her! Cuz when I went to pick her up, she had a dress on and since then she has been in many little outfits and she looks very "girly!!"
Oh, yea and we were at the store the other day and there were some people w/a little puppy girl and her name was "Barbie", now we all laughed and said that was so cute!!! So how about Barbie? Or Lola? I like those!! :wink:

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If she is cream try coco. I have a black and white female named Minnie, it kind of suits her because of her colouring. I also like honey with the colouring. Posting a picture would probably help a lot. Personal message me and I will try to help u.

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I like cream puff, but what would you call her? Cream puff, creamy, puffy?
Piper and pebbles are both cute, if you are looking for a name that not to many dogs have.
you can also search on the web, I know there is a website but can't remember it right now.
you can also try:
Blondie, not sure just what shade of cream she is
bombshell, since she seem to take over and become a naughty girl.

It took me forever to come up with a name for Lady. She was almost princess Guinevere of Camelot, but the nick princess is just to common for me, who knows maybe lady is common as well.
Also remember, you will be out in public calling your dog.... I think that may be why your BF isn't into baby. Can you see him out at petsmart saying.... come on baby, sit baby. His friends might kill him... lol

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide.

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