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Hi ya :wave:

my tyke has been soOoOoo GOOD with being left on his own!

ive been typeing him on webcam to see how he is..the longest ive been is an hour and he was ok he sat by the door and cryed a little! ive dont this 4 times now! he just sits on his bed looking at the door..this is better from the 1st time when he braked all the time!


an hour ago, i went out and as soon as i was gone he stated braking nonstop again! i waited outside for 15mins and he just didnt stop!
so i gave him his evening he always sleeps after his he went to sleep and i left him and the same thing happend again
So i havent gone out and hes nonstop looking at me..he should be chilling out on his bed by now! as he always does..but no, its like hes watching to see if im going again..bless him..

any ways my question is..can a dog trainer help me with this????
or is he just always going to get upset when i leave him..

has anyone else had the same thing happen???

i hate to leave with him all week as i work from home!
i take him everywhere i can but i cant take him to the pub to watch the footie..tho he would love it as its his fav! lol

thank you
star x

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Hi there, :wave: My Pixy is 10 months now and she still doesn't like being alone. She knows the signs like when I put nylons on or blow dry my hair that I am leaving. She starts to jump on me and if I don't respond to her she might cry. This is actually an improvement. For months prior, She would cry louder and longer. I don't know if a trainer can help with that. I know at least with my Pixy, its a personality thing. I would maybe recommend leaving everyday for a short period of time and see how that works. Good Luck :)
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