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Help! Poppy's poorly....

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Hi everyone...what a horrible week we have had! The whole family came down with the flu and we have all been in bed all week!
Anyway, today I had to take Poppy to the vet to get her vaccinated and she got her Parvo/Distemper shot. We got home and she has been very miserable all afternoon. She is very off color, doesnt want to eat and isnt frisky and lively at all. She seems as if she just wants to be left alone.
Can anyone tell me, is this ok for a reaction to a shot? Did any of you guys experience this with your chi's?
Thanks! :?
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:eek: Hi, Stinky hasn't done anything like that for any of his shot yet...but I know for sure..and I'm pretty certain other people here have gone thru is a normal usually takes them from a few hours to a day to go back to normal...sometimes more i if she just got it that's probably why she's not a happy camper right now...Hope it passes fast :wave:
oh, yes it is pretty common, my Richie was the same. so, don't worry too much! Hope your baby feels bettr soon!

Richie's mom
Poor Poppy I hope you feel better. Auggie was very off the day of his shots too but was fine the next day.
Yea, my Sandy had a reaction to the Parvo. All she did was sleep the day she got it.
You should tell the vet on your next visit, they can give her 1/2 the dose on the next shot and then a week later give her the other 1/2. My vet didn't charge for the extra visit either.
I just came back from the vet with my chi (she got the same shots) and she said the behaviour is perfectly normal and excepted. :)
Thanks for those replies guys...I guess I am just a hysterical new Chi mom! Actually she has perked up a bit this afternoon...she has eaten and even taken an interest in a new toy I bought for her, so I guess she is recovering!
And....she now weighs 900 grams, we bought her when she weighed 720 grams, so thats 120 grams weight gain in 2 weeks~ the vet said it was normal though!
hope she feels better in the morning :wave:
as said, this IS normal, but if she starts to vomit, become lethargic (you can't wake her), has diarrhea, then you need to call the vet-you can also keep an eye by checking her color (gums should be pink, not pale) and her nose should be cold, not hot. Good luck-I took Goose our cat to the vet to get his one year vax, and he was MIA the whole day-even hissed at Pip and hid(never has hissed at Pip). But, by that night he was better.
Just to let you all know, Poppy has woken bright as a button this morning and seems fine. she has eaten and played witht he kids, so it looks like she is over her trauma of the shot...phew!
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