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Help Princess has a broken leg!

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Hi Everyone, I haven't posted in a while but Princess has broken her front leg and is waiting for the surgeon to evaluate her and I wondered if anyone had any advice or could point me in the direction of any helpful recourses. I've seen her xray and the bottom portion of her front foreleg is completely snapped across both of the bones. It is so horrible! I opened the back door of my SUV where she has a special donut bed. I was going to put her leash on and then take her to petco I guess the had been leaning up on the door looking to see where I was going or something and as I opened the door she flew out front feet first and smashed into the pavement. I tried to catch her but missed, and when I picked her up and saw her little leg dangling at a completely wrong angle I lost it. She was soooo brave! She cried at first but I think I cried more then she did. So she is at the emergency hospital right now and I am on a search for recovery/surgery advice. Thank you so much.
Zora & Princess :cry:
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Last year, the little chi that I had, his name is Mikey had a broken leg. It sounds like the same bone you are describing. They told me that he could have the surgery or we could try a splint. I opted for the splint b/c I was so worried about Mikey going under anesthesia, he was maybe 2 or so pounds. He wore the splint for about 4 and a half weeks. It was a pain b/c if it got wet or if he chewed on it we would have to go to the vet and have it changed, but the bone healed perfectly. He has full use of the leg. Wearing the splint did not phase him, he would try and run around.
Good luck, keep us up to date.
Thank you! I just talked to the Vet and they said they have to put her under anesthesia tonight to set her leg and splint it. And there is a possibility that next week she may have to go under again and get a plate put in....
I hope that she will heal ok.
I'll keep you posted.
I am so sorry to hear about Princess.....what a terrible accident for the both of you. Hopefully the splint will be effective and she won't require further sx.....don't be too hard on yourself..........accidents happen and unfortunately Princess was injured but it was not your fault ! Keep us informed about how the both of you are doing...I will keep little Princess in my prayers.
Oh that is all our biggest fear with these dogs.....I cringe when mine play and Bindi just thinks she is a gymnast (?) anyway I offer you my sympathy and will pray for a quick and speedy full recovery! :cry:
Oh I'm so sorry for you both. :( Positive thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated.
You have my sincere sympathy. Yes, this is something we all fear when we see our babies acting like flying squirrels. I hope your little one will be as good as new in no time. I'll keep her in my prayers.
I an so sorry to hear about her accident I hope she will recover quickly and be just fine :(
Thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes! She is doing ok. We have a surgery consult tomorrow morning to see if she will need to get a plate put in. I'm praying that she won't have to go through that, she's already been through so much! The doctor said she either has to be held or in her crate for 8 weeks. But every time I put her in her crate she refuses to lay down and will stand up and cry for hours, so for now I am holding her most of the time. I have taken some time off of work but I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I have to go back. I feel sooo bad for her! Anyhow, I'll keep you posted on how she does.
Thanks Again,
Zora & Princess
oh i'm so sorry to hear what happened. i'll keep well wishes and prayers going your way for a speedy recovery!
That's so sad...This is something that I am always worried about. I hope Princess makes a fast and full recovery.

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your Princess!!! Best wishes from the other Princess'momma :wink:
oh, I feel so sorry for her! What a sad thing to happen. Hope she gets better soon!
So sorry to hear about Princess. :( Mr. Peepers broke his right hind leg when he was 6 1/2 months old, just running around the house. He had to have surgery because the brake was in his growth plate. He healed really quickly and is just fine now. I wish you guys lots of luck and hope Princess heals fast. :wink:
Oh no poor baby sending ((hugs)) to you both.
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