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I feel sorry for you and Gucci.
The puppy is only being a puppy. All puppys are going to act the way that Gucci is acting.
I am sure your intentions were good.
While you are busy being servent to the dh and his mother and your 3 children you don't have time to watch the children interacting with the puppy. Puppys play with their siblings the way Gucci is playing with your children. She has to learn that is not the way to play with humans.
It sounds to me like you are in way over your head.
See if you can find someone to take Gucci and in a few years when the kids are a little older try again with a larger breed of dog.
Above all else DON'T LET THE DH HURT THE PUPPY!!!!
Find it a new home so it and you can find some happiness.
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