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HELP! Puppy weight & colour

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I am thinking of getting one of two new puppy's, on 1.5 pounds at 7 weeks, another 1 and a half at 6 weeks, I was wondering how much they would both weigh fully grown? Also, one is a lilac colour and another fawn? at the moment (pictures attached) and I was wondering what colour they would be once fully grown?

Also, they are both from different breeders.

Thank You,

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They would practically be the same color, maybe some lighter, maybe some darker.
there weight.. you cant really predict unless you know parents weight.
Thank you!

I think the lilac boy is going to be quite big. Which I don't mind, but I would prefer a smaller dog.

Any ideas on which puppy I should get? They are both 8 weeks now, and ready to go.
There's really no way to say how big they will be. There are growth charts you can use, but a lot of people say their dogs didn't go by them. So, far Chloe hasn't at all. The best bet is to ask the breeder. They can have a more educated guess based on the size of the parents.

That said, 1.5 pounds sounds big to me for only 6 weeks. But really it's all a guess until they are full grown. Lots of people say they had big puppies and small adults, or small puppies and big adults. There are a lot of people on here who are a lot more educated on the subject than I am though. I've only had one chihuahua. So hopefully someone else can help you more than me.

But I will say they are both adorable! I like the fawn colored one better, but it could just be because I can see his or her face better.
Hmm, I thought that it was big for 6 weeks too! The breeder told me he would be a bit over 6lbs fully grown, but I'm not sure to believe that.

I was looking for a long coat, and apparently he is only a 'semi-long coat' so was wondering what that would look like fully grown. I've attached a picture of him at nearly 8 weeks, and I'm just in love with his colour, and really hope it stays!

The fawn coloured pup is gorgeous and he's a smaller long coat, but I'm not 100% which one I like better!

Chloe is absolutely beautiful by the way!

Thank You,

Hmm, I thought that it was big for 6 weeks too! The breeder told me he would be a bit over 6lbs fully grown, but I'm not sure to believe that.

I was looking for a long coat, and apparently he is only a 'semi-long coat' so was wondering what that would look like fully grown. I've attached a picture of him at nearly 8 weeks, and I'm just in love with his colour, and really hope it stays!

There is no such thing as a "semi" long coat chi.. Chihuahuas come in long coat or smooth coat, unless I am mistaken. He looks long coat to me.

You can look up the chihuahua weight chart and see what he is charting to be as an adult... I think there is a link to it on this forum.
No, I didn't think there was a 'semi-long' coat either. Apparently he will have a fluffy but short coat?

I've used weight charts, and he's charting to be 5.50lbs, which is less than what the breeder told me. She told me he was defiantly not 'dainty' so I guess he's going to be a big lad, I just hope he doesn't get too big!

And for his colour, do you think it will stay that beautiful lilac?

Penny and Lion are just so cute!

Many Thanks,

It's very hard as others mentioned to determine end size with no information about the parents.
I've personally seen a 3 pound 8 week old mature into a 4.5 pound adult, so sometimes puppies are just very very roly poly from nursing.

Then you have pups like one of mine born at 3oz (very standard weight) and mature to be very small compared to most.
Another good way to get a good idea is to double the weight at 12 weeks, but even that can be misleading.

Generally speaking I have come to avoid buying dogs under the 6 month mark when size matters, if it does not matter then really in the end.. go with your gut! if you like the pup get it :)
Thank You, that gives me hope he wont be huge! What do you think his maximum weight could be?

I really love his colour, so if this is going to stay I probably will get him! I just need to know this for definite!

Both your babies are stunning!

Thank You,

I personally would look for a different breeder. If the breeder is telling you he's a semi long coat they don't sound like they know what they are talking about. Look for a breeder that is registered with the official kennel club of your country - you didn't say where you are from. A good breeder will be able to show you pictures of the parents, should have a good idea about coloring, coat and weight. As Kitty said weight as a puppy is not the best indicator of adult weight, adult weight of the parents is. My female was over 2 lb at 8 weeks but is less than 4lb at 8.5 months old. This forum is a wealth of information, I would urge you to spend some time here and really research what you want before you go ahead and purchase a puppy. The people here are very knowledgeable and there are a few who breed so any questions you may have please just ask and someone will help you out.
Good luck with finding your perfect puppy.
I've seen pictures of the parents, one is a black short coat, mum is apparently 'semi-coat'.

I'm from the UK, and the breeder is not KC registered, but I have not seen a lilac and white long coat for sale before, and this is why I'm so fond of this puppy.

I only live 1:30hours away from the breeder, so should be visiting the pup this weekend, but I am now having second thoughts, and maybe looking for a more reputable breeder.

I've done a lot of research about the breed and know this is the dog for me, but I'm still unsure as I can't find a picture of a lilac long coat, so am worried this puppy will change colour.

All you guys chi's are just so cute! I can't wait to get one of my own!

Many Thanks,

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I am pretty sure "lilac" isn't actually considered a color by kennel clubs. I may be wrong here, but that might be why you can't find a photo. I agree with OzChi, I would start looking for another breeder. Semi-long coat is definitely not a real thing, so the breeder doesn't sound all that knowledgable. Also, regarding weights.. Penny was 1 lb at 8 weeks and is now 8-9 lbs at just over a year. So I would say puppy weight is not that great of a guideline for guessing adult weight.
A usually rule of thumb for deciding full-grown weight is knowing the parents weight. Midgie's Daddy was about 6 lbs & her mama was 8 lbs. Midgie is about 7 lbs. Same rule applies somewhat toward size. The daddy was smaller than the mama in size. Midgie is lightly bigger than they both were because she has longer legs than they did.
I would have to agree with Sarah if your worried about size, then I would look at little more as I got Diamond at 4 months and he was a good size ( I say this as I cant remember his weight). I was told he would not grow that much and his a whopping 4kg (8.8 lb) at 9 months. I'm not bothered but if you think you might be look for another breeder.

Don't know if this will help but my pup Prince is 1 kg (2.2 lbs) at 13 weeks. His dad is 3 1/2 lbs and his mum is 4 1/2 lbs. His predicted weight is 4 lbs, he seems to be growing at a steady weight towards the predicted weight.

Good Luck with the decision, just remember when you get your pup we like to see lots of pictures. :D
I cannot find KC colors but AKC has no such color as Lilac. I wonder if that is why you are having difficulty on finding pictures.

I agree completely with what the others have said about size (and choosing a baby with your heart). They are right. Size and color and both very unpredictable things!
So do you think the colour will fade into fawn, or another colour? Also, do you think he will weigh under 10lbs?

He had a smooth coat chocolate sister if this helps.

I've stopped worrying about his weight now, as it seems a lot of you say you shouldn't judge from puppy weight. I'll ask the breeder tomorrow about his parents weights.

I've read somewhere lilac is just a diluted chocolate colour, so he will most likely change colour when he grows, and maybe this is why I can't find a picture?

Also could someone please tell me if he is a long or shot legged chi from the picture I posted?

Thank You everyone who has commented so far, you've helped me so much!
At 6 weeks and 3 days old Audrey was 1 pound and 3 ounces (the day I got her, she was a rescue. I specify this as I know that's too young to leave her mama) and now at almost 2 years, she's 6 pounds and 5 ounces. So weight ya you can't really guage. As for color, I love that lilac hehe
Also, if anyone has a picture of what either puppies I posted might look like when fully grown, they will be much appreciated!
looks more like lavender/ blue or silver. and maybe the breeder is reffering to its a mix of short coat and long coat. the weight would be somewhere with in the parents weight. the coloring of the dogs can change some lighter colors will come out others will get darker with age. i personally wouldnt worry about where you got the dog and if it is a akc breeder if your dont plain on showing or breeding the puppies. pets are pets no matter where they come from. seeing the parents give you a great idea what your pups will look like grown.
Oh thank you!

Do you have an idea of what a lavender/ blue or silver long coat looks like when they're fully grown, as I can't find a picture!

Could someone please tell me if he is a long or shot legged chi from the picture I posted?
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