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Help Really worried and stumped

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Has anyone ever had anything like this happen. I am so worried. Something is wrong with Auggie. For no apparent reason he has been acting strange all day. He normally is either eating, playing or sitting on me or my husband . All of a sudden he is wandering around with his tail between his legs and almost acting like he is wary of us. He normally sleeps a lot off and on between playing , walking outside. He has not slept all day. he just walks around like a zombie , room to room. He won't sit on us or anything. We can't find anything physically wrong. We walked this morning and he pooped , maybe not as much as usual but no different than some days. He ate fine. he is not throwing up. we have felt him and don't feel anything. He yelps about half the time when we pick him up but then you can touch the same spot and he is ok. If he is not better in the morning we will take him to the vet but I am so concerned and it it so strange. Sorry this is so long :cry:
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I can't really help, but I just wanted to say that I really hope Auggie feels better, I know how horrible it is when your baby is acting weird, or just plain old sick. Give him lots of hugs and kisses! Hope he feels better!
Ozzy has had a day like this when he just isnt right and you cant put your finger on whats wrong, but the next day he was back to normal, just see what tomorrow brings and aslong as he is eating and drinking normally he should be ok if you have any other worries I would give the vet a ring to be on the safe side :wave: keep us posted
Poor Auggie and poor you. I know how worrisome it is when something isn't quite right. Your mind runs wild and you imagine all sorts of terrible things. I wish I could offer some advice or suggestions... but you definitely have my good thoughts and prayers. I hope your boy is back to his sweet little self by tomorrow. :cry: :cry: :cry:
Hope that Auggie is feeling better, and is back to his usual self tomorrow.

Give him hugs and kisses - and please let us know tomorrow how he is doing.
Oh Auggie stop worrying mommie :( . I hope he is well tomorrow. Please keep us posted. Maybe he pulled a muscle? Did u take his temp? Any bites on him?
weather may even play a role in things. i notice our one dog acts like that just before a storm....

let us know what the vet says.
Poor Auggie ! I hope he is feeling better by now ! Bella sends him a big hug. Keep us posted, please.
I know how worrying this can be..please update us on Auggie, Poppy and I send love and hugs :)
Unfortunately no change this morning. We got up and went for our walk and he walked fine and was as normal as can be. Pooped twice As soon as we came back in , nothing is normal. This is not like an off day when he doesn't play as much or just sleeps a lot. This is EXTREME. Like he has had a mental breakdown but is fine otherwise. He doesn't want anything to do with us. He doesn't want to play with his toys or chew toys. He doesn't even lay in the same places. He just wanders around with his tail between his legs, he yelps if we touch him , sometimes. He is not doing anything normal. I am at wits end beacause we hoped he would be back to his self this morning. We have wracked our brains to try and figure out anything that could have happened but nothing did. I think I might call the vet this morning. Thanks everyone for your thoughts
it could be something serious, just call he vet and at least get peace of mind.

Thinking of you!!! :(
Oh I'm so sorry he isn't doing any better. Please call the vet and let us know something as soon as you can.
he sounds like hes in pain maybe he has some internal bruising and just cant get comfy so is just wondering around aimlessly poor little mite , yes I would take him to the vets right away let us know how you get on we will think of you :wave:
Have you heard from the vet yet? I hope everything is ok.
I really would call the vet if I were you. I hope he'll be ok. Sounds like something might be hurting him inside? Keep us posted with any news ok?

Sorry to hear you so worried :(

Meg and Cooper
That sounds very strange...I would call up your vet. Auggie, please feel better soon so that your mommy isn't worried!! Keep us updated!!

Sending lots of hugs and kisses!
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