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8batch said:
Just watch for the behavior. Mine have grown out of it except for Bandit. And its his attitude and nothing else. He does not like to be held for too long and he does not like to go in his kennel at night and he will twist and bite and scream like nobodys business. He was very very small and when he was born he was not breathing. We worked on him and the vet said hes probably a little slow. But he knows he can throw a fit.
This is going to sound odd (well, maybe not to the crazy chi lovers we all are) but my sister has the same problem as Bandit. She was born not breathing, stayed in the hospital for about 2 months in an incubator and just had a really rough infancy... now, at 35 years old, she doesn't like to be touched and, good lord... she can throw a fit like nobody else.

I'm glad to hear he's doing better though - I remember you telling the story of the little guy and I know how relieved you are every time he throws a fit - it means he's healthy and has some strong lungs! LOL
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