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I just signed up for this forum because I'm DESPERATE for help!!!! I have a 10 year old,female chihuahua, white with brown and black spots. Pure bred. A rescue dog. Since March 7th Simone has been suffering chronic pain. In the past year she has had two other episodes of this pain issue, the previous one lasted almost one month. I've had her into the vet and they put her on a pain med and an anti-inflamatory. When this stretch of pain started on March 7th, I gave her the same medicine but it gave her little relief.

I took Simone to a new clinic on the 15th. The vet gave her a thorough exam, x-rayed her and found NOTHING. (the previous vet told us Simone had a bone spur on the top edge of one of her vertebrae and if it pushed into her spinal cord that would cause the pain. The new vet saw no bone spur when he studied the x-ray he took. When all was said and done, he really didn't know what is the source of the pain. He sent me home with instructions to just give Simone her anti-inflamatory medicine. Ever since that vet visit I've been monitoring Simone almost full time. She will wake up in the morning and act perfectly normal. Then two to three minutes later she will drop down on her belly and look and act like she is in serious pain. Sometimes she whimpers in pain. Then an hour or two later she will be normal again, this time for maybe 20 minutes and then will suddenly,in a split second, will go into a bad pain cycle. This normal/pain/normal/pain cycle goes on all day long. She has NEVER acted out this type of pain cycle in the past. How she is behaving is completely new to Simone.
I called the vet this morning and he prescribed a new pain medicine which won't arrive until Monday. Meantime I'm giving her her old pain medicines "Metacam" and "Tramadol".
Obviously this is probably something I will have deal with with Simone from here on in but what is driving me crazy is NOT knowing what is causing the pain. I don't think this is arthritis. Any insights you can share will be greatly appreciated.
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