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Help with Dazey

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I took Dazey to the vet yesterday for her shots and once again she was a holy terror. It took three adults to get a muzzle on her. She definitely has a mind of her own and is very strong and stubborn. You can put her on her back but there is no way she will make eye contact with you. What do you suggest I do? She is not viscious all the time - just when you do something she doesn't like. She was on very good behaviour (better than the last time) at the vet's until after the first shot. I can understand her not liking getting stuck but she is almost impossible to control. She only weighs three pounds but she turns into a wiggling, biting monster. Also, she is really sore after getting the shots. Is this normall? I don't remember this from other animals I have had. I bought a new harness and put it on her while she was still muzzled and am going to leave it on because she is more subdued with a harness on. I will probably go home to find this one chewed off like the last one! Do you think training classes at PetSmart would help her? She is very smart and has done great with potty training but I don't want to spend $100 if it isn't going to help.
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The training at PetSmart could help, although they focus on obedience and not aggression. What are some examples of things that will set her off? (other than getting shots, I mean) Is she OK if you try to brush her teeth, take away her food, etc? That will give us a better idea of how you can work on correcting this behavior.

What shots did Dazey get? Rabies?
Obedience training would be the best thing. Its best to nipp these things in the butt right away. I would call around your area and check both prices and who would be the best at helping your particular problem.

As far as the vet goes I have a very simmilar problem with Ginger. She is find normall but as soon as the vet tries to stick something in her she turns into devil dog. Thankfully she is okay in my arms so I just hold her. Otherwise to draw blood they are having me bring a blanket to the appointment and wrap her up like a boreto...then I expose her chest and they draw blood from there. Its such a headach and yes she does have to wear a muzzle. These poor dogs get so stressed out.

I would reccomend a trainer to help u with the aggression problems.

Best of luck! Keep us updated!

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Emurr sorry you are having this problem with Dazey. Annabelle has to be muzzled at the vet also. 2 techs hold her and I quickly slip the muzzle on. I hate having to do that but there is no other solution. The vets is the only place that we have a real problem with her.

Annabelle went to puppy school but I didn't feel like she got that much out of it. It just wasn't the right class for her. There were too many big puppies and it seemed to overwhelm her. I think she would have done better with some one on one training or maybe a class of 3 or 4 very small puppies. If you can check around and find just the right class for Dazey I think it will be well worth your money! Good luck! :wave:
Thanks for the replies. She does not like it if you try to take something away from her but she will back down when I tell her no. Nothing calms her down at the vets. This is going to sound crazy but I wonder if it has anything to do with the attendant. The first time we went we had a different attendant and Dazey was fine. The last two times we have had the same one and he is as nice as can be but has some kind of horrible skin disease that really creeps me out. Do you think Dazey senses this? I know that is really stretching! One of the shots she got last night was rabies. I am taking her to the vet at PetSmart and bought the wellness plan but it seems like she is getting an awful lof of shots. How many and what kind should she getting?
OMG the skin disease would creep me out too! :shock: Yeah I'm sure she senses it too. :lol:

The rabies shot can make them really, really sore. Cody had to have a prescription pain reliever but you can also give her 1/4 of a baby asprin in a small bite of cheese.

They do get a lot of shots when they are puppies. After all the puppy shots it will just be once a year. I don't remember all the shots they get but I'm sure someone else does.
If it is a puppy, they should have 4 rounds (every 2 weeks) of a distemper cocktail, like a 5 in 1, it vaccinates for distemper, parvo, parainfluenza, coronavirus, and sometimes leptospira. Then at 16 weeks or 4 mos of age, they should get a rabies shot. Then annually thereafter they get rabies, and a booster of the distemper cocktail. If you board the dogs in a kennel, they should have and probably will be REQUIRED to have a Bordatella (kennel cough) shot.
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