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This is the very best bit of waiting for a new baby! Whiling the hours away dreaming of names sigh :D .

Well, fingers and toes crossed, I could be a mummy again soon, as a lovely breeder has sent me some piccies of a tiny smootcoat cream pup, with a very fine white stripe on her face.

The names that spring to mind so far are

Beau (pronounced bow), meaning beautiful

I did think about Carrie, as I already have Mr Big!, but would that be too tacky! :D

Could you help me please. I cannot have another beginning with M as we already have Mr Big, a Millie, and my little girl is Mia, so that would be tooooo confusing.
Come on, give me your best names :D All help very gratefully appreciated
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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