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I took Bosco to the vet today for his 8-week shots. The receipt says Drontal Plus, Distemper/Parvo/Corona. I am assuming those are the shots he got? Anyway, he got a clean bill of health but now that he is home he is scooting his butt across the carpet. Why is this? I heard dogs do this if they have worms but are there any other reasons? Could his shot have made this happen? Should I call the vet?

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The butt scooting thing could be one of several things:
1. Worms
2. Just plain itchy
3. Anal saks full and won't empty......

Did they look at his poo, when you go they should have told you to take a fresh sample, they take it to the lab and they can tell you what they have worm wise. If not you may want to run a "fresh batch" (LOL) over there. It could also be poo stuck and making it itch. If the anal saks are full then you can get them expressed by vet or groomer or learn how to do it yourself. There just was a chat on this somewhere.....I think under the Chi questions forum too. Try soaking his bum in warm water to see if that helps relieve him. Usually puppies need to be de-wormed more than once (from what I have read) Kemo had them so bad that they were crawling out of him in his bed......and he was forever licking himself (YUCK). They say to take a sample once a year anyway to have it checked. Kemo took one pill and that was it, all was gone eggs and all.
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Drontal plus is a dewormer for tapeworms, whipworms, and hookworms. One dose of this is all that's required if your dog has worms.
Thanks you two! Bosco has stopped doing it so I think he is OK - just a little itchy I guess. :D
LOL I found that sometimes they just do this..... because :wave:
LOL it was a little scary at first! He was like hydro-planing across the kitchen floor!! :lol:
Hi Boogaloo

How much does your little one weigh?
I need to take Tequila for her shots, but I've been told to wait until she's 12 weeks. The vet said I could wait until she's 10 weeks.

Obviously, I would prefer to do it sooner than later if I could.

Did Bosco have any side effects?

Thanks!!! :)
Hi Sweety. Bosco will be 9 weeks this week. He didn't have any side effects to the shot although he was sleepy for a couple hours afterwards. He weighs 2 pounds 2 ounces so he is kind of a big boy for his age. Maybe the vet wants you to wait because of the size of your Chi :?: how much does yours weigh?
One tip I've learned with shots is, during that day after they get the shots be sure to massage where the shots were given. I've found this prevents soreness.
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