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I was wondering if anyone can help me :shock:

I am not receiving emails when there is a reply to one of my posts. I get an email when I receive a PM so I know it's not my email address thats wrong in my profile!!

Please help cos I keep having to remember where I've posted. Thanks

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mmm did you set the settings right? i sometimes get the notifications and i sometimes don't i wouldn't base myself on that system , it's not waterproof :wink:

kisses nat
I tried to change the settings to no and logging out, then logging back in and changing it back to yes, but that didn't work either!! :(
like i said's not waterproof !! i post in every topic and normally i have to receive 50 mails...but sometimes i get none and sometimes 20 :D

don't depend on it

kisses nat
I've never even had one!! :(
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