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My baby girl has had a really rough month, in july she was diagnosed with the beginings of liver failure. Luckily we caught it really soon so it was completly reversed and for 2 weeks she was acting just great!
3 days ago my little turkey got into the trash and gobbled up a Corn cob, being the worried mom i am i ran her right to the vet, she started to throw up and pooping out corn so the vet said he didnt believe there was an obstruction.
Since then she has pooped normally she has been eating and drinking, yesterday and today she has seemed to be really tired. She just seems so sluggish, but if i say lets go on a walk she purks up or if i try and play with her she will play.. im super worried about her
Any advice? Should i take her back to thevet tomorrow and just tell them she is sluggish?
Ive already spent over 1000 dollars on vet bills this last month:/
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