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Her pin is out!!!

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YES! Felony went to the vet today and they took her pin out at around noon!!! She also got fixed today as well. :? The vet said it would be fine and since she is so small, its better that she doesn't have to keep going under anestshia(?) She won't be coming home till tomarrow afternoon. :( My poor little baby, I don't know how she'll sleep with out me she never has before! Even when she got the pin put in we got to pick her up that same day cuz they did it first thing in the morning. I'm just happy this horrible ordeal is almost over with!! And also a BIG THANKS to evryone for their support. THANKS :D
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oh that is so wonderful!!!!! post pics when she comes home!!!
i felt so bad for her, being in a cage all the time. i can jsut imagine how you wre feeling!
Yipee Yipee I am so glad she got her pin out. NO MORE CRATE :D
Thats brilliant news :D
Thank you everyone! I can't wait till she gets home! I think just her being able to be a puppy again will solve a lot of her little behavioral problems as well. Yes no more crate!!!
That's wonderful did such a good job of helping her heal.......I know it was very difficult time for both you and Felony
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:eek:ccasion7: YAY Felony!!!

I have been thinking about her all day. I'm so glad that ordeal is over for her...and for you. Hopefully she's getting a good nights rest and will be ready to celebrate tomorrow.
that's great news !!! congrats little felony ,i'm so happy for you :wink:

kisses nat
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