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here is what happens when Dad opens his drawers

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lMAO he really does have the cutest little face :D
Aww, Gadget's so cute - I love the 2nd pic! :wave:
sometimes gadget has that evil look on pics :shock: hehe but he's just supercute !!

kisses nat
He did get so BIG!! He is as cute as ever :D
LOL...what a face!!!

The Latin cute!
it's his cheeks! i love his cheeks! i just wanna smooch them and be like an old aunt that pinches them lol.
He says, "Oh this is a perfect place for a nap." :wink:
Uh oh, Gadget found his way into the drawers!!! How cute! :)
That 2nd pic is so cute i can't take it Whata sweetie :D
OHmy goodness ,he is just to stinking cute....same here just wanna squeeze him :D :wave:
Gadget is just too precious. I love that sleepy/grumpy face. Awwwwwww!!!
Those are so funny! Gadget looks so mellow hanging out in the drawer!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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