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This is actually not an inbreeding thing but more so a line breeding thing and if you read towards the bottom this bill will hurt rescue's as well :-(


State of OR prohibits inbreeding

<http://www.leg. state.or. us/09reg/ measures/ hb2900.dir/ hb2986.intro. html>

This man apparently knows nothing about genetics. He can tell
inbreeding from a two or three generation pedigree and assumes that
it's always BAD? Apparently he knows next to nothing about
coefficient of inbreeding or genetics except maybe what he
watched on TeeVee. :(

We just found out... out of ALL of Oregon and Mr. Witt has only
had about TEN phone calls opposing or discussing this bill! Ten
in all of Oregon??

PH number for 'Judy' his assistant

List of some other active bills in Oregon.
http://www.orchambe on/publications/ LeadingIssues. cfm?fid=126

Note HB 2470, as it happens in California and some other states,
this type of legislation shuts down working farm operations with
multiple dogs, it shuts down rescue organizations, prevents
breeders from taking puppies back and housing rescue dogs. Forces
above responsible people to have only the option to PTS older
retired dogs who cannot be safely neutered at advanced age. The
bill does not resolve poorly analyzed problems.

This bill enforces the idea that a legislator can give a veterinary
mandate. This is a bill that uses profiling of a population that
is easily made into a scapegoat, since most pet owners only have
a couple cats or dogs. The source of the bill of course, is HSUS
and affiliates.
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