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here ya go Kari

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I just got them all finished and thought I would take a picture of them so you can see them...

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Those look great Dori, but do I have 3 plaid? :oops: :D
Thank you, thank you! I love them and can't wait to get them! I'll take pictures for everyone to see! :D
no Kari you don't have 3 plaid.. I hit the wrong button

I'm glad you like them so far
Gadget's Mom said:
no Kari you don't have 3 plaid.. I hit the wrong button
Good thing or else I'd have to go find another chi boy! Maybe that's a good reason to get another! :D

Yes, I love them. :wink: I love blue and stars so that's why I chose that pattern. And for the others, I think the plaid will look good with Buster's color and the teddy bears will look great on Mr. Peepers. Make Buster look a little more manly, since he is small and make Mr. look a little more cuddly since he is big. :lol:
That is so funny.... Yeah it woulld haev nade you go get another chi huh? Like that would have hurt your feelings to go do... hehehhehehehehe NOT!!!!

I like the stars too... It really looked good on Gadget....

Mark gave me and Idea for a bandana today and I am going to try to do it..

The teddy bear one was one of my favorite ones....

I don't really like plaid but I really like that plaid.... (If that made since)

Buster will look like a big man with that plaid bandana....
I think the teddy bear one will go great with Peepers black and tan...

yeah there is a big size difference... I didn't realize how much different in size they are... until I made their bandanas.
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aww how beautiful!!
Yeah there is a big difference. Mr. Peepers is 12 pounds and Buster is 7. So almost twice the size. It's funny though because Buster has a longer body and shorter legs and Mr.'s body is all even.

That's what I was thinking about the teddy bears too, it'll look great with Mr. Peepers colors.
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