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Here's our baby Emmie Mae!

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I just love all the pics of all the chi's out there...thanks for such a great sight! Doug, Dawn, Jewels & Emmie Mae
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Oh my... that face is too precious! :) Thanks for sharing.
Kemo's mamma said:
That is the sweetest little face!! :D
I agree!! And I just LOVE puppy ears!
What an adorable little charmer she is! I love her sweet puppyness. :)
Welcome to the forum! Emmie is just a little sweetheart!!
She's adorable!
aawww! so sweet, love her coloring (i'm a little partial to the chocolates :lol: )
Love her name... too cute!
She is so so cute! what an innocent looking little cute face! I love her!!!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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