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Hershey acting strange...

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Ok, the Vet told me that Hershey may act sluggish and such from the shots yesterday, but I figured he'd do fine. I have noticed through the night that he is acting strange.

I got up a little while ago and he was just lying in his bedding. So he always gets hyped up when I start talking to him, but not now. He is acting like he can't move well and hold his head up well. He had even peed in his bedding, he has always got over on the pee pad to do his business. :(

I got in the floor over in front of his pen and picked him up. I set him on the floor and he walked fairly well (a little unsteady though), peed and pooped on the floor, but wouldn't play at all. Just sat back down looking at me. Not like him at ALL. He is usually completely crazy hyper when he sees me or I talk to him and when let out of his pen.

If I call him he will kinda lift his head to look at me, then it just falls back down again. Maybe it's normal and I'm just overly worried??? Anyone experience anything like this with their pups shots? Couldn't be anything else. He stays in the pen unless we are right with him. Should I call the Vet asap??? I'm not doing well here..... :(
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Not to worry you, but I would probably call a vet just as a precaution. Sometimes they can be sluggish after shots, but I don't think that sounds normal. I hope everything is okay and he feels as good as new tomorrow.
Did he eat much yesterday? Sometimes they feel kinda yucky after the shots and don't want to eat.
Sounds like he might be a little hypoglycemic.
Can you give him some nutracal?

If he did eat normally yesterday, I would call the vet too.
I'd probably call the vet too, to be on the safe side. Bosco had an allergic reaction to his shots and he acted like that, but he also swelled up really big.

Poor Hershey! I hope he feels better. Let us know how he is doing!
Oh my, have you called the vet yet? If he wouldn't have had his shots I would think his blood sugar is low too. BUT the doxie across the street from me is allergic to her shots! She has seizures after her shots and will pee on the floor where she is at. She has been on meds for many years and now has to have meds BEFORE her shots, but please becareful. It could be either of those.

Update us so we know he is okay.
Yeah, did you call the vet? What did they say? How's Hershey? Are these enough questions for you to answer?

I hope your little pup is feeling okay after getting some sleep. Cooper gets lethargic after shots but he will pop right back up after a while. It always worries the heck outta me.
My chi Marcus is always sluggish and his leg usually sore but please call the vet, they can go into shock. Hope he feels better :wink:
I would definitely call the vet... if for no other reason than peace of mind. It doesn't sound normal but it doesn't hurt to make sure. Angel doesn't normally get sluggish exactly but gets really stiff so she doesn't want to move around much. Either way, I hope Hershey is feeling better soon!
Hi Everyone,

Sorry it's taken a while for me to reply. Well, good news, Hershey is doing fine now! A couple hours after I posted about his condition, he started improving greatly. I called the Vet anyway and they said that the shots sometimes would do that, and since he was doing well again, just to keep an eye out. They said to call if he started acting that way again. Or if there was swelling or loose poop or anything.

He is playing, eating, peeing and pooping on the wee pad (when he is in his pen anyways :roll: ) and acting just like normal. Sure did give me a scare! I was SO glad when he started acting normal again. Thank you all for the concern and advice. I appreciate it so much. You're the best! :wave:
YAY HERSHEY!! Way to bounce back!!! Next time, do your bouncing before everyone has a panic attack, please! :lol:
I am so relieved to hear that your little furbaby has recovered and is back to himself again! These pups of ours will turn our hair gray for sure!!! :)
Glad to hear he is feeling better! :D I know how scary it can be.
I'm so glad Hershey's feeling so much better. It's amazing how happy a normal poop can make us feel sometimes. :lol:
So glad he is feeling Ok Sometimes geeting a shot really knocks it out of them for a while :(
Cooper said:
YAY HERSHEY!! Way to bounce back!!! Next time, do your bouncing before everyone has a panic attack, please! :lol:
Yep, my thoughts exactly! For one instant, when he was acting funny, I thought, no way I can live without Him! Then I thought, don't over-react Jenn.... calm down... I'm just SO thankful he is feeling all happy and hyper again. We got him a couple new toys and a new bed today. I'll get pics soon to post in Pictures. The bed is a cat bed that has a rounded top, so he can snuggle back up in it. He loves it too. :D It keeps drafts of air off him, so I thought that would be good. Ok..... gonna grab the camera now. LOL! :lol:
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