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He's finally here!!

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My baby finally arrived (about a week ago). His name is Higgins and I haven't had the internet until now, so I couldn't post and show all of you. It's been a fun week for the two of us, and I'm finding out what a handful a little 1.5 lbs dog can be.

Anyway, thanks to all that calmed my fears earlier. Now that I'm moved into my new place and I have my new baby, I hope to become a more active participant here.

Here's Higgins!

Thanks, Trina
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Oh my goodness, he's a cutie! And you can see he's a handful just by the look in his eye. He's trying to think of the next naughty thing to do. :lol: So nice to have you and Higgins with us. We look forward to lots and lots of pics. :wave:
Hi and welcome! Higgins is adorable. :)
I just love his coloring! How old is he?

oh he is so cute , wonderful looking little man ... :)
Higgins is adorable! I hope you have many years of mischief together. :lol:
Cooper and I welcome you! I love the name Higgins too.
Hi & welcome Higgins is just a sweetie. What fun you are in for :wave:
Oh gosh he is soooo handsome....what a cutie....congrats :) :wave:
Welcome!! :wave: What a cute lil guy you have!! And I love his name as well :D
what a cutie :wave:
wow he suits the name higgins! he's gorgous! cute lil puppy!!! awww and yh i can see that glint of naughtiness and the little crooked smile on his face! cheeky 'un!
oh yeah he's naughty lol! how old is he? i love his coloring.
He's sure a handsome little devil!!! Can't wait to hear all about him as he grows up. He does look mischeivious lol :wave:
Oh, what a cutie! He's adorable. Love his coloring. He looks similar to a Papillion with his white blaze.
Awh he is so cute. He does look like he is going to be a hand full.

Welcome. :wave:


Oh he is just so cute !!! Hope to see more pic's of him !
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