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He's here!!!

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Hi All,

Winston is here! And yes he is definitely a Winston, suits him nicely.

When we picked him up from the airport he was a bit nervous and was shaking like a typical Chi but as soon as he was warm and settled in the car he was fine and started giving me kisses. Thank goodness for his little fleece vest, its cold here today so he has had it on since he arrived.

He has eaten, drunk, peed and pooped so he is doing well. Ax is very excited about him, Chloe is wary but has been ok.

He is a very sweet loving little boy and seems to have taken to Craig and I equally. He's so cute I can't stop staring at him.

Here are a couple of quick pics I took, no doubt many more will follow in the next few days.

Profile - his muzzle is really short and stubby compared to my others

Having some dinner - he prefers to be hand fed at the moment

Checking out his new bed
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How adorable. Love the one ear up and one floppy.
Oh my god, he is GORGEOUS! How perfect is he?! Wow, I love him! Winston is such an adorable name, too.
Apart from his one floppy ear he is perfect. They were both up and then both came down a couple of weeks ago when he had some teeth coming through. The left one is back up 90% of the time but the right one is really floppy, I might have to tape it for a while.

Tonight all 3 were playing together and he was really holding his own. I thought he was just turned 14 weeks but I checked his papers that came with him and he's actually 16 weeks old so that helps with him keeping up with the bigger two

He is a really different shape to my other 2, much stockier. He has a big barrel chest and his head is quite wide. Breeder thinks he's going to be the smallest of my 3 but I think he may be compact and heavy. No idea what he weighs now, I'm guessing 2lb or approx 1kg but I won't know until I take him for his 3rd shot in a few weeks.
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Sarah, he is gorgeous, absolutely and utterly - you just can't go past that perfect head!!!

So glad you chose the name Winston, it really suits him.
aww, he's precious! love that little sweater on him too :)
OMG! He is so beautiful! I am in love! Congratulations!
He is so perfect down to his name!! Very cute baby!!!
awww he is so cute...congrads..please do keep us all updated :)
AWWW He is so cute! :) What a handsomeguy. I love the name!
Mr. Winston is adorable!
Winston is so cute!! I love human names for dogs. Adorable.
What an adorable baby boy! I love him already...
Congrats you guys! I'm so happy to hear Chloe and Ax are doing alright too. Winston is so precious. I'm so happy for you.
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