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hey check this out

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its a lead for a dog an its called a glo walker
ive just ordered my free sample keeps your dogs safe in dark
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Thanks for telling us babyjane1968 but I dont think the site is working at the moment because I clicked request free sample and it did'nt do anything :(, I'll try again later :wave:
there cool, did the link work for you stelun?
Yes it did work for me. Those leashes are really original :)
Are you having troubles going to the web site Jonathan?
YEAH!!! Its worked now!!! :D
honey got her babble balls yesterday an she loved them
funny to watch her chase after them an growl at them,lol
That is a neat idea. Babyjane What are babbleballs?
These look cool, but I live in the states, will they send them here?

has anyone received their glow walker yet???
It didnt actually say what the free sample was did it (or did i miss it), i ordered mine (yet to receive it) but am expecting a bit of the plastic just to show us what it is like :D
well, I have never received mine :(
I haven't received mine either, unless I can't get one since I'm in the U.S. :dontknow:
No didnt get mine either, infact i forgot all about it, we could either give them the benefit of the doubt, like its in the xmas post which is way busy now, but really i think we wont get them as we are not a bonifide business's who only get a sample if they go into business with them. :(
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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