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Hey everyone!

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It has been a while since I have had time to post. Hope everyone and their fur babies are doing well.
Nina is wonderful! She is almost a year old already..where does the time go! She is the best dog I have ever owned, and we love her like she was one of the kids.
Nothing real negative to report, though I have a couple concerns.
Due to a series of scheduling problems, with everyone's wacky work schedule, she has not been to the vets since Feb. I am making her an appointment for next week, because she is due for another round of shots, and she is also due to be spayed soon. She has had one heat that we know of, though no blood to speak of, just other "signs" as I posted before.
She does have a slight flea problem. I gave her Advantage about a week ago, and no change yet. I also have a spray with all natural ingredients that I use on her, but I cannot seem to get this controlled. I will talk to the vet about this, but in the meantime, does anyone have any other suggestions for making her more comfortable?
I am hesitant on bombing the house, though that is an obvious answer, with the kids, Nina herself and us, I would really like to avoid doing something more toxic. So if there is a more natural way, please let me know.
Other than that, she is doing great..still on the RC, but a fussy eater as always, and goes in spurts with her appetite. I am resisting the urge to switch her any more, though, because I know the RC is the best for her, and she won't starve herself ;) She would just rather live on handouts, which we have almost all together stopped (some of us find it hard to deprive her, with that pout of hers. :lol:
Thanks for any help you can give me! Karen
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Maybe try switching to another product for flea control. Seiah is on revolution and no problems yet. But I dunno I'm not really educated in flea control medications. But I'm sure the vet will have good advice for you. Glad to hear you and your baby are doing great.
I would say to check with your vet regarding the flea control. I have been using Advantage for several years now, and it has worked extremely well for me. I really don't know much about the other types of flea control.

Unless you have a bad flea infestation inside, I wouldn't think it would be necessary to bomb your house. Years ago, when I lived out in the country, we got a really bad infestation of fleas in the house. I finally ended up having to call an exterminator to take care of the problem, and I remember we all had to stay out of the house for several hours.

I think it is always best to check with your vet before trying any type of new flea product on our furbabies.
If you do have to resort to having the house bombed be very careful to stay away long enough Someones baby recently got very sick from it. I should remembeer who but I can't at the moment. The extermeinator told her they only had to be gone like an hour or two and it wasn't long enough :shock:
I personally like the sentinal it sterilizes the flees so they can no longer produce. JMHO
what about those devices that you plug-in to the wall i am not sure what they are called? has anyone tried these.
at my job we use a flea and tick shampoo with D'Limonene and as soon as i put it on you can see the fleas dying. i can't find the brand that we use but i'm guessing the brand doesn't matter as long as D'Limonene is in it. here's a link for adams' flea and tick shampoo with d'limonene. adams is a good company, i used it when i worked at the vets (the regular flea and tick shampoo not the d'limonene) you can find it on other sites, this is just the first one i seen...
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