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Hey me again.. Another question.. this time about training..

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I dont yet have my pup but its always good to know ahead of time. Should I train her to use litter the rest of her life or go out side? winters coming.. i kno they dont like the cold.. would that stop her in anyways cuz shes younger too? and umm.. i have alot of animals.. she'd be living with me down stairs (my room) and she would have to go up the stairs and to the door if she wanted to go pee... i dont know..any suggestions :S

oh and also.. because shes small i dont know im used to big dogs hehe, would she come to me to ask to go out? or like go to the door? ... umm i dont kno much about that but if anyone is exsperienced on this plz msg back! thanks!
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what kind of other animals do you have? you said you had alot of other animals. that might not be a good idea to bring a chi into your home if its already full of animals . Are they big? like dogs? they might kill a tiny chi. and I dont think it would be a good idea to have a chi thats just going to live in your room. that wouldnt be really fair to the puppy. they need more room than that.
sorry (jmo)
ohhh my room is HUGE and not just my room, the entire basment. although, i dont think ill be hanging downstairs much for a while if i have a pup to play with. and adventually she will probably be able to wonder through the house once she gets a bit older. now, for my animals, i have 2 dogs. one the sweatest lab cross ever known, more than likely to act as though shes her mom. and then theres my black lab, a very small one for her age.. that would be the only one i'd worrie about hurting her at the beginning when she doesnt know the pup yet.. but once she got used to her, she'd probably be fine.. but i mean, ill be home alot, so even if she did run around upstairs and everything.. i'd be the one to watch her. and maybe while im out for a bit, i'd either take her with me or put her downstairs for that while. :) so i dont see many problems about out living space.
Why don't you get some books and read up on the breed to make sure its really suited to your household. Thats what I did. has some GREAT books (I ordered 3! hehe). I just got my chi a few days ago and am training her to use puppy pads. I live in an apt and my room (where we spend most of our time though callie does go in the rest of the house... she LOVES running through the huge kitchen) is downstairs as well so she would have to be able to climb stairs to get to the front door, and thats not gonna happen anytime soon.

Can I ask you some questions? how old are you? do you live with your parents or with roomates? What made you want a chi?

I have to agree with MY3SONS Chihuahuas are NOT suited to houses with large pets or small children. They are a hearty breed but their small size makes them prone to being stepped on, squeezed too hard, or hurt by a bigger dog.
ermm.. well i'm 15. and very responsible. only child no younger children around the house, and ive always wanted a chi. I'm not really sure... but i have since i got my last dog a few years ago. I have read up on Chi's and I'm also getting a book today. I want to remind you guys, seeing that you guys seem to be against the idea. The Chi will be in a loving home, with kind animals, and a huge basement to run around in, and upstairs as well. She will be able to have her own space as well.. I hang down stairs alot so the chi would probably follow me around... she would have the choice of going upstairs when shes older (because that way, the 2 dogs will get to know her by then) .. I want her, i've read up on them, i am capable of taking care of one.. I would never let any harm come to her. :(
We didn't mean to tell you NO, don't get one. But you need to think about the welfare of this little puppy. presumably you are a student and will be in school all day. Who will be home with the pup? Its not fair to leave a dog alone for long periods of time, especially with larger dogs in the house. Chis live for 10+ years and as you're only 15 you have to think about the long term commitment (say when you graduate in a few years you may be moving out, will you be able to find a place that allows dogs). We're not here to discourage you, just to make sure you think about all the changes that will be made to your life by bringing home that sweet little baby. Perhaps you should talk to John and sarah, they're both young and waiting to get their first chi.
Kurrazie, I'm Jon and I am 13 and I really want a chi :D and I will definitly be having one when I'm older :D but as I am so young I can not have one :( because of the obvious reason school, school and mom lol :roll: I dont think it would be fair for the chi to be on its own all day but of course this is my opinion, keep us updated :wave:
Yep, thanks for the concern, but i am well aware. Another thing is, I go to a private school, and have 2 periods a day. (it all works out the the public school times) But my point is, im not gone for a very long time at all, and would be spending an hour in the mornings with her before i went to school. 8:30 until 9:30 will be the hour in the mornings, and then get home and will spend most of my entire afternoons and evenings with her. I do know one thing, I cant be with her 24/7. Anyways, thanks for you concern, I am well aware of everything. If anyone could answer my question about at the start of the conversation it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank-you.
I can't really help w/ your question, sorry. Mikey only goes outside to use the bathroom.
mine dont really let me know when they want to go out- chis are very hard to house break and mine are one and I still use puppy pads due to the fact that if the back door is not open they will use the pad by the door - so if you plan on using pads I think you will be fine - just so you know a small chi will not be able to megotiate stairs so you will have to carry her up and down stairs - no growing puppy should climb up and down stairs as it damages their growing bones.
Thanks, I think what i'll do is litter train her, and keep her liter trained for the winter. Then once shes old enough to go up and down the stairs ill most likely work on trying to get her to outside for potty. Sounds like a good idea or no?
i'm assuming it gets pretty cold in the winter where you live, right?

chi's don't do well w/ cold temps so you might want to just train her to go in the litter box year round. zoey goes on a pee pad but whenever we're outside, if she has to go, she will. BUT, she knows that if she's inside, she goes on the pad.

just something to think about.
Kurrazie said:
Thanks, I think what i'll do is litter train her, and keep her liter trained for the winter. Then once shes old enough to go up and down the stairs ill most likely work on trying to get her to outside for potty. Sounds like a good idea or no?
I use pee pads for mine but ive heard you cant use cat littler for pups it can cause problems needs to be dog litter which around here I would have to go 45 miniutes to get it. you might want to check into it.
oh, really? never knew that! thanks! ill check into it :)
I know how you feel, being young and wanting a chihuahua, I have wanted one for a looooong time, finally got Chiquita 2 years after living on my own, and just now added Jose, my 4 mo old terror LOL. I didn't have too much problem potty training Chiquita, never used the puppy pads, never really saw the point frankly, the idea is to go OUTside, not INside on a piece of paper. I think it is confusing to a pup. Sure you're gonna clean up accidents, but that is the responsibility you must assume when getting a new puppy. Chiquita picked up the idea fairly quickly, within 3 months she wasn't having any accidents inside, but I was on top of the training. i.e. taking her outside at LEAST every 2 hours to give her the chance to potty outside, and heavily praising her when she did. Now Jose on the other hand is a little more stubborn, because he is a boy, I'd recommend you get a girl, they are easier to train if you keep up with them. Chiquita is VERY smart, she and Jose each have separate crates for the time being until he is potty trained, and she knows my morning routine if I am working. I am a surgical tech at a hospital so I work only 3 days per week, but I work 12 hour shifts, I know most of you are frowning, because, YES they are in their crate the 12 hours I am at work, but Chiquita has adapted fully to it and doesn't seem to mind because on my 4 days off, they spend ALL day and ALL night with mom. Anyways, getting back to the point that Chi's are smart, Chiquita knows my routine, and she sees me getting ready to leave in the morning for work, and the minute I pick up my tennis shoes, she goes in the crate. I don't have to tell her, she sees that as the cue that it is time for me to go, and she knows she has to go in the crate when I leave. Jose will get there, he is only 4 months old, and I've only had him for 2 months, but with proper attention and training, they are very smart and VERY loyal dogs. They see YOU as the leader of the pack, mine must welcome me back to the pack every night when I get home, by sniffing and licking me, I have to dedicate at least 10 minutes to this as soon as I get home, or I won't be left alone. Just make sure you are ready for all this commitment, I know it doesn't seem like it will be all that hard, but if you aren't on top of it, and keep up with the training, potty training will go no where and you will be cleaning up accidents for a very long time. I have never litter trained any animal, other than a ferret, so I don't know anything about doing that, I lived in St. Louis last winter when it was 7 degrees outside and Chiquita knew that she better hurry up and do her business and get back in the house cause it was COLD! My point being, just think about what you want to do with that Chi for the rest of its life. If you litter train now, and you decide later that you don't want to be scooping a litter pan, you will have to do the entire training process over again to get them to go outside. Good luck and I wish you the best! Sorry this was so long!
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Thanks! Yeah god i am so confused now, lol. My concern would just be.. to get her outside.. i dont know about that, she has to climb stairs if she wanted to get outside by herself, and ive heard it not good on the legs for a pup... hmm.. maybe ill trying going outside every couple hours like you say.. but what if i dont get outside in time.. because she will have acciedents.. but i think, if i dont have something close to me, (ex. litter box) it will happen alot more.. Argh! This is my biggest concern.

Basically i think there will be more frequent acciedents. I just dont know, because she'll be coming here about 10 weeks old, and im sure, if she did get the hang of going outside, she'd probably go to the stairs and bark, or something to let me know she had to go... but 10 weeks *bits tongue*
Even if you have a litter box, it takes time for them to learn WHERE you want them to go potty. Regardless of what you decide to do, You WILL have accidents. Just like toddlers have to learn when and where to go, and they have accidents too. As for the stairs, just carry her up them and put her straight in the grass and keep her there till she potties. Puppies will have to eliminate after eating, drinking, playing, and sleeping. If you crate them, take the out to the grass, and carry them, and set them down, first thing when you walk in the door. Don't even give them a chance to sniff around on the carpet for a nice place to do it. Bottom line, you will have accidents, its part of raising a puppy.
yes you will DEFINITELY have accidents.... there's really no getting around it.
Like I said in another post here Mikey is housebroken to go outside. He is 5 months old and I can honestly say he is about 95% housebroken as long as I am aware of what he is doing and where he is.
When I 1st got him which was 6 weeks, yes I know that's young but in Louisiana that's when all the breeders I have come into contact let there pups go and yes I do agree that is too young, that being said lol I always tried to get Mikey outside before an accident could occur. As soon as he woke up we went out and I mean immediately, hubby didn't quite understand not 2 minutes after..immediately :) ..If he played a lot he had to go out right after. I feed him on schedule so I knew after he ate and drank he had to go right out. I think my staying on top of these things helped him get the idea pretty quick. Don't get me wrong, he had his share of accidents, I would get frustrated but there is an end as long as you stay on top. :wink:
also mine didnt bark till they were 6 months old so they cant really tell you especially if you are busy doing somehting else - you will have to house train her or pee pad or litter train - she wont just automatically be able to do it the day she gets home - you will have alot of accidents to clean up when you get up and when you get back to school.

but it is all worth it in the end but very stressfull and hard work
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