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Heyla, I'm new!

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Hi! I am new to the site and a hopefully soon-to-be Chi owner. I want a Chihuahua and have a lot of research. My friend did know someone who had a litter, but when my parents agreed I could get one, he had given away all the puppies. My parents aren't exactly dog crazy, so they aren't willing to get a Chi over 50$. Anyways...that's all about me and my search for a Chihuahua so far.

So specifically about me, I am 13, you can call me ChiGirl...and I am Vietnamese. I used to own a Labrachow (Lab looking pup with a black tongue like a chow). His name was Snoopy and I really loved him. He grew up, and me being a kid, and my parents knowing nothing about dogs, we were unable to teach him the manners required for such a large dog. Snoopy also need a secure fence and people who had the experience. I gave him to the Animal Rescure League around a month ago. We had taken him to one Good Manners class there, but my mom cut the rest off and demanded I gave him away. I miss him, but I know he needs people who have the space, and active lifestyle to suit him. The lady I spoke to said he would undergo some training before finding him a home.

So mom said she would allow me to have a small dog. I am continuing my search for a Chihuahua in my price range...
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Welcome Chigirl. Hope you manage to find a great Chi. As a guy, I never thought I'd ever even like a chihauhau but they're great dogs ! Keep us all updated on when your arrives. :)
hi and welcome!!! :wave: hope your search for your chi goes well!!!
Hi and Welcome :hello2:

Good Luck on your search!

welcome :wave: hope you find one.......

kisses nat
Hello & welcome Good luck finding a chi and I hope it wins your parents over :wave:
Thanks :) Everyone is really nice here. I hope I find a Chi too. I want a female and name her the chocolate and Lady Godiva (the myth). *sigh* I'm dreaming of a Chihuahua I don't even know is born yet O-o Odd? Or no?
Welcome to the forum! :p Hope you find your Chi puppy soon! :)
not odd at all! that's how i was for a few weeks and then i found her "the one"

you'll find the one too. it'll just happen. just when you think you will never find one with everything that you want boom it will happen....
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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