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Hi all Getting my 1st Chihuahua 30/6/2012 so excited

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hi all im going to be picking up my new and 1st puppy Chihuahua Saturday n me and my daughter are so excited, ive join this site for help and advice as id like to make sure everything is just perfect for my puppy we have already named him he is called Bentley J and he will be 8 weeks n 3 days old when i bring him home
i have a few pics of him he so gorgeous i had to show him off counting down the days like a kid waiting for xmas
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Welcome, and Bentley J is bootiful :)

Oooh, lucky you, you'll be able to join the London Chi get together group that are on here somewhere.
Oooh he's a cutie! Good luck! And welcome to cp.
aww how adorable. and congrads on your baby boy. ill be getting my first chi next month and me and my daughter are very excited to :)
Welcome to CP! Bentley J is adorable- I love the cream/white ones!!!
Aw. He's lovely. Welcome to the forum. I've grown up with Chihuahuas and love them but I am getting my first very own Chihuahua puppy on 1st July when he'll be 8 weeks and one day they'll be growing up together! I can't wait either. I just keep longingly looking at pictures of him!
Thank you all for your beautiful compliments i so cant wait till Saturday you all have beautiful Chihuahuas, Buildthemskywards i noticed we will be getting our Chihuahua pups 1 day apart from each other maybe we can be Chihuahua buddies n swap notes, experiences n stuff? Vera the closer it gets to Saturday the more me n my daughter cant sleep. My husband and some of my friends don't get it n think i'm mad. Whats the names of you cuties if u dont mind me asking? also AussieLass i will look for group thank u
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