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Hi all! I'm new here

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I just signed up, and this is my first message. I'm getting my first Chi next week, so I'm very exited! Can hardly wait, and love to chat with other Chi freaks! Since I'm French and live in The Netherlands, it's a little easier for me on an English forum. Hope to speak to you all soon!
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I think I qualify as a Chi Freak. :D LOL!

I bet you are so excited to get your Chihuahua - tell us more about it! Boy or girl...what color...what name...etc.

Welcome to the group! :) Looking forward to getting to know you better!
IHello and welcome!
You will loooove this forum. Everyone is super nice and very friendly. I am addicted now :lol: Can't wait to see your chi :wave:
Hello and welcome. This is the right place for Chi freaks!!! :lol:

Can't wait to hear about you new little baby and see some pics.

Hello and Welcome!!

I love the Netherlands!!! I've been there a few times.
I am originally from Italy but live in NC. We have two female chis and their names are Luna and Stella.

I can't wait to see some pictures of your chi when you get it! I am so excited for you! Do you have everything ready for her/him?
hi every body. my puppy is gonna be called lucien. he is now 14 weeks en is coming home in europe on the 21st. he is now in ms usa. i found hem on the net en fell in love with hem immediatly!!!!!
i am waiting for other a month for him, so i keep on buying staff for him. it helps me wait. i am pictures of him, but i don't kwnow how to put it hier!!!!
Lucien is a great name! Welcome to you both...this place and the people hear are amazing.
hi nathlie and welcome - I cant wait to see pics of lucien :wave:
WELCOME :blob7:

its a very exciting time! Glad to have you with us :smilebox:
i am trying to put a picture hier[/img]
he is 14weeks en 28 oz
Welcome and what a cutie he is! Where is the US is he coming from?

I visited the Netherlands when we were stationed in England. You have a most beautiful country! I just loved it there!

I'm sure you will love this forum. Nicer people cannot be found. Great friends are met and kept here.

Welcome from me (Vicki) and Grizzly!
thanks vikky!
he comes from mississipy! ann phillips. do you know her?
Lucien is quite a handsome fellow! Welcome! :wave:
Hello and Welcome to the site Lucien is a little doll and I am sure you are very anxious to get him :wave:
He looks so sweet. By the way WELCOME :wave:
thanks everybody
Oh he is adorable!!! I hope the wait passes quickly!

Welcome! :wave:
Hello :wave: and Welcome :hello2: Congratulations on your new fur baby she is a cutie. My aunt lives in the Netherlands. It is so pretty there. I've been twice but it was when I was small. Hope to get to know you and Lucien better.
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