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Hi all. I dont come on here as often anymore, my youngest daughter is now 3 nad takes up loads of my time as well as my little chis so heres A few pics of my lot taken the other day. We have a lovely sun spot in our garden and the chi's were making the most of it so I put a blankie out for them and they made the most of it!!

Now this rarely happens. Paige and pixie do not get on very well. But pixie is suffering with colitis ATM so I think she's feeling a bit crap and not so bossy :(

my little angel. Love her so much :) not that I don't the others of course, but there's just something about my pixie <3

Hope you like x

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Awww they are so sweet. Very pretty pictures. :)
Sending positive, healing vibes to Pixie.
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