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hi all

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Hi everyone!!!
Here is my little Peanut!
She's almost 3 months old. My vet doesn't think that she's a purebred. I have her papers but I guess there's really no way to tell. At what age can I expect to notice traits that distinguish her as a chihuahua?
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Hi and Welcome :hello2:

She is adorable!

Hmmm, I don't know. Her legs look a little short and thick, and her ears are a little low. It could just be the camera angel though. :dontknow:
Hello & welcome Peanut is very adorable. It's hard to tell too much from the pic :roll:
hi and welcome she is a cutie regardless - we will have to see how she grows we might tell more then she just looks like a pup too me - do you have anymore photos maybe facing the camera :wave:
Here is another pic

Here is another pic of Peanut with my boss. The digital camera was a bit close but it gives you an idea of what her face looks like. I will try to get a picture of her alone looking straight at the camera and will put a doll next to her for comparison. (just a tid bit, my boss is very small individual, like 5' 2 in. and very skinny. She fits in one of his hands)
i dont see the pic :(
She looks like a cutie...cant tell really if she is a Chi or not, but she does have a look of a little labrador pup...whatever she is she is adorable!
Hi, so cute no matter if it's a chi or not. She doesn't look pure blood though. She does have the look of a tiny lab, I agree w/ you Camilla. I would love to see more pictures of her, she is so pretty.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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