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hi everyone!

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:wave: hi everyone! i dont have a chi yet but im desperate for one! i thought it'd be a good idea if i could learn as much as i could and get alot of advice before i got my chi. ive had a look round and all the pics of your babies are gorgeous! im so jealous of everyone!
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Hello and Welcome :hello2:

Glad you like the board and don't give up, you'll find your baby when the time is right.
welcome :wave:

That chi with the glasses I have as my wallpaper I love him/her.....where did you find it so small I could not find it avatar size. :)

your in the right place to learn!!
my avatar

i got it from yahoo messenger! i had to change it to a jpeg file as the file was to large to use here. ive added it as an attatchment for anyone who wants it!
Hi and welcome! Good luck during your search for a Chihuahua. I love your avatar - I have never seen that picture before! It made me laugh. Kemo's Mamma, where did you find the desktop version? :D :D :D :D

I use it in my Yahoo Im but I could never copy it!
it took me a while to find it! but i loved the picture so much i had to find it! glad to share it with everyone :)
hi welcome to the forum!, i wanted a chi for about 4 years, before i got one, so i know how desperate feels! lol, hope u find your chi soon
hi mia, i see you're from manchester (right near me, i go to uni in salford and live in cheshire) where abouts did you get your chi from? do you know of any local breeders?
Hi, nice to have you here. I love that picture too :D
just wanted to thank everyone for making me so welcome! everyones so nice and have all been really helpful answering my questions! :D i also love everyones pictures! i cant wait to get my chi and introduce him/her to everyone!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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