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Hi Everyone

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Hi.. I've just logged onto this website couple of days back and I find this site great.. I've been reading the articles posted and have gained more knowledge on Chi.. I've just got one few months ago with my boyfriend and my chi's name is Owen. Will load his photos soon to share with you guys how great this little fellow is. :wave:
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Hi and welcome to you and Owen (I love the name!). :wave: :wave:

Can't wait to see pics!!! :)
:wave: :wave: WELCOME :wave: :wave:
Glad you found us!
Welcome! :wave: :D

welcome :wave:

can't wait to see pics....and i like the name owen too :wink:

kisses nat
Hi There :wave: I'm new too. I won't be getting my pup for another several weeks. Good luck with your new little guy.

What a great name. Welcome, glad you found us. :lol: :wave:
Can't wait to see pics.
Hi there.. how do you guys make so beautiful pictures for your Chi's?? Would like to make one for mine too. :tongue3:
The name, Owen, was given by my boyfriend. He was actually more interested with Jack Russell when we were choosing our 'baby'. When I mention chihuahua, he freaked out. But when he finally saw Owen that day when we bought him.. he immediately feel in love with him. Now he always call him 'son'... Hee... tomorrow we are going to bring Owen to a dog restaurant called Urban Pooch, then we can sit together and have our meals on a table. :love1:
Welcome to the forum. I can't wait to see pictures of Owen and that dog restaurant sounds REALLY cool. I wish they had something like that around here. I usually have to subtly bring Harley in to restaurants with us. :lol:
Welcome.....looking forward to seeing Owen.
Hello & welcome Can't wait to see your "sons' pics :D
here my Owen's photo

Here he comes......
Jessica said:
I usually have to subtly bring Harley in to restaurants with us. :lol:
Wow, I'm impressed! I've even been asked to take Lily out of a video store because they sell food. Now really, what harm can a dog do to prepackaged potato chips or popcorn? Whatever. I just smile and leave and never go back to that store. Target, on the other hand, allows Lily to stay if I promise not to visit the food area with her. Not a problem. We love Target! :lol:

Your Owen is such an adorable little guy!!! :)
Another Owen's photo in our apartment's park

Another Owen's photo....
sigh...another one....

that's my little boy on my laps after a hearty meal at Urban Pooch....what a lazy bum bum...
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