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Hi everyone :)

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I thought l'd introduce myself and my 3 gorgeous doggies.
I'm Wendy and live in Yorkshire with my hubby, 3 dogs and 4 african greys.:p

My newest addition is my 5 month old Chi called Lily. She ia absolutely stunning and lovely natured. :)She loves chasing our boxer, Lola. They look so funny whizzing round the beach or park, everyone stops to watch them:D
Our eldest girl is Missy the staffie who is 12 years old and is on heart tablets so has to take things steady now. All 3 of them are the best of friends.

Looking forward to meeting you all. :hello1:
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Welcome, I am from Michigan and have my 6 month old chi name Amberleah lou lou. Post some pictures..
OMG Youre lil Chi is stunning! I had a male like her not long ago!
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