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Hello people!
My name is Tone Ulve, I am 22 years old from Bergen in Norway. I joined this forum to learn more about foreign lines, breeders and to share and learn more about our wonderful canine. My english is not the best, but I'll guess I manage, if not, feel free to ask if you didn't quite get me:D

I bought my first and (for now) only chihuahua girl Desember 2010. She came from a little town in Norway called Gjøvik. I have participated on shows with her, but stopped when she was a year old because she is a very feminin-type chihuahua and now I want to give her space to develop, even though I think she will stay slim:daisy: In my eyes she is the finest little chi in the world:)

Even if she dont participate on shows anymore, we go to "ringtraining", sosialization every monday for small dogs, and to wedensdays a moth to chihuahua-training. I think it's important to sosialize them to get a happy and stimulated dog.

Hope to learn alot in here:)

Hug from Tone and Stinki (<-- My dog)

This is me and my wonderful bestfriend Stinki

Here cuddling with my X boyfriend

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