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Hi Everyone!

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:wave: Hey! My names Kim, i'm 18 and live in CA. I have a Black Lab and a MinPin and will be getting my first Chihuahua in about 2 weeks!!! Her name is Bambi right now, but I want to change it to Tinkerbell aka Belle. She was born May 30th, so she's almost 3 months. She is tan and should be 3-4 pounds full grown, but she is very tiny right now so breeder said maybe even 2. I can't wait to get her!!! L8R, Kim

also my MySpace profile is if you wanna see pictures of dogs. I couldn't get the signature to work, so couldn't put up her pic.... I know I don't have 40 posts yet, but hope it's ok to put that because it's not like i'm selling anything.
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Hi there! Welcome! :wave:
:lol: thanks guys. your babies are all adorable! :love4: Here is the only picture I have of her. The breeder took it, but I put the name above the pic and it's my current desktop pic. I'll post more pics when I get her. ~kim
:wave: :wave: Welcome to the board. She is adorable!!!!!! She looks a lot like my Ella! :)
welcome - she is stunning :D
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