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Hi from another newbie

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I am Jane (Weedogi's Chihuahuas) , brand new to this site but not to Chihuahuas. Have been breeding them for 20 some years. Was popping in to see if I could find some new blood for my little crew and like you all so well I thought I would stay. Does anyone here breed Chihuahuas? Would be interested in getting one or two or finding someone I could swap with. Have a few litters coming this summer. I am mainly looking to get a tiny long coat male or a tiny brindle male and am also looking for a blue female.
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Welcome!! I saw pics of some of your puppies. They are gorgeous.

Thank you all for the warm welcome! I have been to other boards and they areall so rude. I couldn't believe it when I found one with nice people on it!
Aww! well we are a very friendly bunch here:D

Love n hugs
S xXx
hi and welcome

if you pm Mia and she will give you access to the breeders forum where you will find other breeders :wave:
Hello & welcome I couldn't get on your site from the address Wold love to see your babies :wave:
Your turn

Okay...I got the website thing fixed...must have been asleep when I put it!!! Now you seen some of my babies, I want to see yours!
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