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Hello everyone,
Thanks for letting me join your community of Chi lovers! I received my first baby-Don Juan or Johny-as a Christmas present from my kids. He is a 2 lb blue short-haired. Next came my girl, Sookie! She was a birthday rescue! Sook was almost 6 months when a woman from a Chihuahua Rescue said she had too many so my daughter brought her home. Then she came in her second heat and my little Johnny learned how to get her pad protector off with his teeth-LOL! So she gave birth to little Roly, who was almost dead when he arrived and my daughter and I massaged him, used infant CPR and he lived! Sookie is the largest at 5 lbs, then Johny at 2 but I think Roly is almost caught up to him. I love all my babies and nothing beats the feeling of having three little ones snuggled next to you at bedtime. Sookie and her pup are very picky eaters but no problems other than that. Thanks again and I have loads of questions!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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