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Hi, Im a newbie!

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Hello there, I am new here. Proud owner of 2 chi's - Rico and Rita! Glad to meet everyone :wave:
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Hello and welcome!

So gald to have you here! Please, post some pictures when you can. :)
Nice to meet you. We all love pictures here so please feel free to post some if you have some :) .
Hi and Welcome :hello2:

Glad you found us.
Tell us about your chis and please post some pics in the pic section!
Rita and Rico

Here she is in the mug LOL and him looking studly in some xmas garland LOL
Welcome! :wave: Ditto everyone else...we LOVE pics! :D :D :D
Ugh my pics are too big , I am going to attempt to resize them :)
A big welcome from Canada....looking forward to your pictures !
Hello and welcome! :wave: I can wait to see some pics!!
ok, here ya go!

Ok, I created a quick page so you guys can see some pics of my babies.

Enjoy! :lol:
They are very cute!

Love that pic with her in the cup LOL
Your chi's are so cute! Rico is SO handsome!!! :wink:
:wave: :wave: :wave: WELCOME :wave: :wave: :wave:
Thank you - I think Rico knows it LOL. Hes been great, a perfect companion - sleeps on my pillow everynight and goes to work with me often. He was a little upset when my man brought Rita home for me but now he is starting to play with her. Im glad he is adjusting. Thanks for all the nice comments!
Hello & Welcome Both your babies are adorable :wave:
Hi there and welcome to this fantastic group of Chi people! :wave:
Wow thanks for all the fantastic welcomes! :wave:
Welcome from another newbie. I think I'm madly in love with Rico. What a handsome boy.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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