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Hi! I'm new and I need suggestions please! Thx!

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Hi! I actually joined this group specifically because of this question, has anyone had problems with vaccines and their chi's? I have a chi, male, almost 2 yrs about 4/5 lbs. He has been given his puppy shots and also I had them give him the bordatella one too ( he came from a farm with lots and lots of other doggies). The first vet visit went great and year passed. He was due for another rabies shot and the Dhhp one and if I wanted I could also get the bordatella one too. I opted to only do rabies and save the Dhhp for a visit in a month and not do the kennel cough one because it's just him and I never board him. (Can't go a night without the little guy!) he ended up having a really severe allergic reaction to the rabies shot. I had never ever heard of this! I immediately rushed him to the pet er where they gave him Medicine to stop the reaction and hooked him up to an IV. I looked it up and they say it might be because there is no distinction of amount of vaccine given against the size of the dog and his immune system doesn't like the dosage. I've been working with the county I live in to apply for medical exemption since rabies is a shot forced by law under my license. I didn't bring him back for the Dhhp because I was scared and didn't want him to swell up and cry. (He couldn't walk and he whimpered, his face was so swollen that his little eyes didn't poke out like usual, it was just one big swollen mass, cheeks too) does any one have advice? Am I crazy to not want him to have vaccines if they could potentially hurt him? He is an inside doggy and pad trained. He hates nature ( I do try to take him for walks but I end up picking him up and snuggling because he is so scared of everything that's bigger than him which is pretty much every thing) he's pretty much a couch potato snuggle machine and that's about it. So I think the odds of rabies are slim as opposed to the odds of another allergic reaction? Please be gentle with your comments, I love my little guy like he's my baby (it's just me and him in my household and yes I even have a car seat for him. ) but he's my first dog and my first chihuahua and now I don't know what to do. My vet doesn't offer titers. The county said as long as the vet gives official documentation they are ok with exempting him. My vet just wants me to pre dose 24 hr prior with children's Benadryl then drop him off for 24-48 hours and they will give him the shot and monitor him. I kinda don't want to take the chance of another reaction though? Like if I had a human kid they would just exempt them from it? Not predose and overnight stay? Sorry it's a lot! Any advice would help! Thank you!
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My Mini has such severe vaccine allergies that she can no longer receive any injectable vaccines. The last round we gave her induced such a severe reaction that the medications used to stop it almost didn't work. (And this was after we had pre-medicated her to prevent a reaction!) After that, my vet said that's enough! He wrote us out a rabies waiver certificate. Generally with the waiver you still have to buy the rabies tag each year, but you can't be forced to actually give the vaccine.
And it is true that once a dog reacts to one vaccine, they will almost always react to ALL vaccines. It's not the vaccine itself that they're allergic to though, it's the solution that's mixed with the disease being given. So it's very likely your pup will now be allergic to all injectable vaccines.

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