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hi, Im new here!

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Hi :)
I am new here! I still don't have a chihuahua, or any puppies for that matter, but my husband promised when I finish Grad school this coming summer, I can have my pick! He is a little bit of a neat freak, so it will be a challenge, and I am so excited! I think I found the breader I want, and now I just have to be patient! I'VE waited like 2 years, whats another 6 mo?

Currently I have 2 cats (or jerks as we fondly refer to them) forrest and resse. I am on the fence about my future chis name, either Paris or Peanut. Paris only because for halloween I dressed up as Paris Hilton and had a stuffed chi to hold (tinkerbell) and next year I was going to dress up as tinkerbell and hold my chi (paris...) thats kind of stupid I guess.

I am a researcher at the Univ Wisconsin. I do Embryonic stem cell research. Its good, and I don't have to do much with animals, so thats a plus :)

Well, nice to meet everyone! I'm going on vacation next week, so if I don't write back now, I'll be back in a week and a half!
:wave: Erika :reindeer:
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Welcome to the group Erika! Have a fun vacation - are you going anywhere WARM? :D
Thank you all for the warm welcome!

Im going to mexico. I guess thats the kind of thing thats harder to do with a puppy. Now I just have some one stop over every other day feed/de poop my cats and life is good... Ah, i guess that means I'm growing up :)
hi erika and welcome :wave:
Hi and Welcome :hello2:

Your work sounds very interesting.
Have a great vacation!
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