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hi everyone. I'd like to introduce myself and Shakira to the group. My name is Kat and i am the proud new owner (or do they own us :wink: ) of SHAKIRA!

Shakira is a 10 week old, black white and tan chi. she is almost a pure bred... her grandma was a pomerainian(sorry about the spelling). Shakira was my christmas present from a friend and she is the best thing ever to have happened to me!

... a bit of infromation about myself... i am a 21 year old hairdresser and i live in Melbourne, Australia. i am very new to the world of chihuahua's and i look forward to chatting with fellow chi lovers, making some new friends and learning alot from all of you. i hope to post some pictures of Shakira soon. :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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