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aww so cute..looks sleepy ;)
She was lying on my tummy getting comfy for a nap!

She's lovely, so pretty, can't imagine havin a sc chi but she's making me want one :)
Aw, thank you! Sugar reminds me of Gemma with her little black mask, but in long coat form. :)

She's gorgeous Caitin! What does she weigh now? Did you get your Ziwipeak?
Thank you, Mary!

I actually haven't weighed her again yet. Going to ride over to the vet's soon and see! We've been meaning to this week, but things have been really busy around here. Every time we get home, they are closed! I'm hoping we will have time tomorrow or Tuesday.

Nichole (4bsingreece) sent us some ZP samples in the mail. Surprisingly, Gemma doesn't really like them. I was in shock. I've never heard of a dog turning their nose up to ZP. She's finally starting to like her Acana and I even give it to her as treats now too. Apparently it tastes 100 times better when it comes from my hand, lol. She's such a fussy eater!

Theres just something about her expressions that I love!!!!shes so beautiful!!!!
Aww, thank you! She is full of funny expressions for the camera. She looks straight at it and smiles. She loves to pose pretty!

Aw, my dream little girl!! Such a gorgeous little girl. Toby says hey ;)
Thank you, Ashley. :) Toby, you're going to make Gemma blush!

Hi Gemma! Aren't you looking sophisticated with your paws all crossed <3
She always lays with her paws crossed. Usually she'll just have one right on top of the other and it looks so cute. Such a little proper lady!

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She is sooooo adorable. I just love her black mask
Thank you, Kay. :)

Hi Gemma! She is getting so big! Okay... not actually big, but growing up. I remember you mentioning something about cutting her nails in another post, and her nails look to be the same thickness as Odie's. What worked in the end?
Lol, she is getting to be a "big" little girl. ;)

I actually just used regular human clippers and they worked perfectly fine. I got to the fourth paw and then she gave me the worst Chihuahua scream of death I've ever heard in my life and scared me half to death because I thought I cut her quick which I'm always fearful of doing. Nope. She just felt like screaming I guess because I didn't even cut the nail before she started screaming. That was the end of that. I was too freaked out and she wouldn't come near me. I think I'll just have them done professionally from now on.

What a sweet little princess!
Oh, she definitely knows she's a princess!

Wow when did she get to be such a big little cutie. :)
She is growing up!

She is a little her expressions..
Thank you, Kathleen. :) She's such a little ham in front of the camera.
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