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Hi, it's me the newbie, Gucci's mom....

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I wanted to see if anyone here was interested in adopting her, I'm sure you have already read my "life story" *blush* sorry... I really wanted this to work. If you are interested let me know. Thanks. I live in GA.

Celisa, sad
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I have some people in another forum in Georgia who might be interested in your pup.

Please give me more info .
How big is she and also how old.
You said she has NO papers... right?

How does she look like ???
Would you have any pics?????


I am really just trying to help and I hope that is OK with you????
I'm interested if you're willing to ship have her shipped to Newfoundland Canada. can you post some pics please? feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]
Hey, well I don't know a whole lot, She came from an older lady who said she had allergies and couldn't keep her.. She had gotten her from her neighbors that were moving... She came with a statement from the vet dated 7/30/04 stating that she was 2 1/2 pounds and had her first set of shots and deworming. The lady I bought her from said she was 9 weeks old, so 10 now. I don't have any pics otehr then seeing if my dh has a camera at work, I am not very proficient at those type of things... she is fawn color, like a deer with black on her face. of course she is adorable, she is very sweet and playful, she is a puppy of course.. I guess I just underestimated the stregnth and playfullness of a puppy even her size with the kids.
I don't have papers, I wasn't interested in that so it did'nt matter to me. I would like to get some of my money back if possible, I paid $150 and we have a crate, food, toys, etc. , perhaps invest in a new pet for this kids, like fish, etc., something that doesn't bite *smile*


PS: Ri, thank you, you are being helpful and I appreciate it... I just feel bad because this is not working out for me, sort of embarressed *blush*
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Ok , I have a ton of people interested in your little pup.
Any of them would be a wonderful chioce .

How about the money????? Have you considered to give her up without asking for money.

The people who are interested would drive quite a distance to just get her.

Please tell me what you think and I will send you a personal message with emails of people who are very interested.

one more thing .....please don't feel bad ...things like that happen every day. I am glad you realized that you have to find her a better home . I am glad you are turning to us for help and not just throwing her out.

Maybe a Chihuahua is just not the dog that is meant for you guys.

Maybe you have to wait a few more years and get a little bigger dog.

Well, anyways you are doing the right thing .

Oh, I would never throw her out, I love animals, its my other half that is NOT such the animal person.. My dh was sort of ademate about getting something. So please don't think I am trying to be greedy, just atleast some if not all of what we spent.
Now I'm starting to feel sorry for Gucci everytime I look at her.. Do you all have kids and would you be the same way, or am I overreacting and not giving it enough time?

Let me know what you decide.
You can send me a personal message too.

just go to the bottom and click on the p
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