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Hi my name is Claire. I can't believe I haven't found this site before
Now. I live on the south coast of England. I adore chihuahua's and
have 6. The eldest is Pinto, she is 12 years old red and White smooth coat
with a dear head. She has no teeth now as over the years they have been removed at Dental appointments. Then there is Sanchez and Fernando they are
Siblings both long coat I couldn't choose between them so got both, they are 8 years old now. Then there is Castro, he is 3 years old brindle
Smooth coat (I think he has a bit of Pug in him) I only got him a couple
Of weeks ago. He has a slight problem with his back legs so I took him on.
I also have Diego he's 15 months old, cream smooth coat full of funand last
But not least is Tequila, she is 9 months old red and white smooth coat.
Tequila is the only one that I haven't had neutered, her granddad won best
Of breed at crufts so I am hoping to breed her. I love all my chihuahuas very
Deeply. So glad I found this site.
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