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Hi to all chi lovers

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Hi there
I'm a new member and a new chi owner. She is a cute little creamy longcoat girl, nearly 3 months old. I love her so much!

She is not yet named - Yes, thats right, I can't decide! So I'm gonna need some help with that.

Also as a new dog owner I have lots of questions. I have done loads of research, read lots and talked to lots of breeders. But now I have her there are lots of new little queries. Where is a good place to get advice? If there are any chi owners in the London area I would love meet up and chat.

Thanks everyone
m x
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WELCOME!! :wave: :wave:

Good place for advice is right here! Lost of seasoned chi owners and its great to talk with each other. I am always learning things. Post a pic soon!

Lost of your questions may be answered in old threads so you can find them doing the "search" and look up key words :D
:wave: HI and welcome. Ask all the questions you need. The people here are not only nice but are very knowledgeable when it comes to chihuahuas. :wave:
hi there, wish I could help you but I am new as well. Until you are able to find another chi lover in your area you might try reading the topics here on these forums, as well as checking out books at your local library.

Congrats on your chi, and don't worry... it took me over a week to come up with a name for Lady.

hi & welcome!!! :wave: you'll be able to get LOTS of good advice on this board! just ask away!

id love to see pics of your baby!
Hello & Welcome. The people on this site are very friendly and helpful. Can't wait to see pics of your little girl. :wave:
Hi, :wave: Thanks for the welcomes.

Firstly I'm gonna need some help attaching a pic. It says the pic is too big - anyone know how I can reduce it?

Theres so much to read it here - lots of great advice. (I've put my naming problem on the name forum! )

See you soon

m x
Hi and welcome

glad to have another brit on the board - and another long coat cant wait to get to see pics :wave:
Hi and welcome!! WHAT, you can't figure out how to post a picture?? I can't believe it!! I can't either!!!! He, He!!! Everyone makes it look so easy!! I need to take a class w/my digital camera! Anyway you will love it here!! It is so fun and it will keep you on the computer more than ever!! :D
So a bit more about me...

I'm Mariam, 26 and a Londoner. (though i lived in new york for 15 months and love it there so much). I'm currently in between jobs, trying to find myself, or something just as lazy!

I've wanted a little chi for ages and it took me SO many phone calls to find one. But she's perfect - a right little ragamuffin! My boyfriend didn't want her, but he loves her so much now and they're inseperable!

She is a longcoat, born 3rd July 2004, has 2 sisters and 1 brother. Her mum is Missy and dad is Casper. She's still 'baby', though i've narrowed the names down now... She loves feet, apples, meeting new people and runs so, so fast!

Looking forward to getting to know you all, as is baby.

m x
welcome to the forum hope you enjoy it here :p
Welcome to the forums! :wave:
Hello and welcome! Why don't you name your baby "Baby"? Since you call her that anyway. :) When I was little we had a Cocka-Poo and her name was Baby. I want another chi, a female and I am already dreaming up names and Baby crosses my mind often. :wave:
yeah I love the name baby its so cute :wave:
Welcome to the board!! These folks are friendly and very helpful..... Cant wait to see pics... :wave:
Hello and Welcome!!! You said she is a ragamuffin....How about Muffin? Or Ragamuffin and you could call her Raga?
I know you will have years of wonderment with your little girl. I look forward to your posts.
hi everyone...
so, finally, here is my baby:
(She's not got the posing thing yet!)
Oh she's so cute I really like the name Muffin and it looks like her :D
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