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Hi to Everyone

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I just wanted to say HI and i love this board .. I have learned alot i am not the only crazy one whose chi rules there universe. I am the proud owner of a lil boy who is a year old he is my rotten lil girly man....LOL as my hubby calls him. Thanks again for the great site
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Hi and welcome - glad you have joined cant wait to here stories about your lil guy :lol:
Welcome to the forums! :wave:
Welcome! Looking forward to hearing more about your chi-baby! :wave:
Hello & welcome Love to see pics of your boy :wave:
hi and welcome im excited to hear of your pup!
thanks for the warm welcome

I will post pics of the woodles soon. Getting a new computer set up is tuff... I certainly am enjoying all the stories and pics of everyone's pretty babies. we certainly thank you again for the warm welcome and :wave: to everyone.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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