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Hello all!
Just joined up to this site!!

We have a family dog, which is a rottweiler, i know you all may scream at the though of this breed but he is an absolutely amazing dog. I have a cat who has just had kittens and he looks after them and he even goes to lie with them.
How ever much i love him, he's not cuddly in the way he can get up on the sofa with me and have a cuddle up. He is obviously an extremely large dog.

I am looking for a chihuahua, i was just wondering if anyone knew a trusted website, or knows anyone who is selling any chihuahua's?

Thanks All,
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The Kennel club is the best they can give you alerts if puppies come up in your area,don't buy on websites there's too many back street breeders so be careful
I have been looking on websites such as, and mobiya but there going for 2,000+ i am not afraid to pay good money for a dog but this seems abit hefty. My friend has recently brought one for £300 so, just a case of looking around,
Thanks, Jazmin.
Hi and welcome!!

I agree with Michele. Looking for Kennel Club breeders is the best option!
Hello! Thankyou.
I will have a look on their website!
No screaming here :) I have a sharpei and her and my little chi are best sissies. I love large dogs.
I'd suggest checking at your local humane society. I volunteer at mine and it is amazing how many sweet little chis pass through. At some shelters you can even take your dog in to meet a dog you are interested in before adopting.
Welcome! My family owned a rott when I was younger, he was the best dog! There wasn't a mean bone in his body.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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