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Hi, I am a "newbie". I was looking at chihuahuas on dogster & saw this link in one of the chis biographies. So I thought i'd check it out.
Anyways, my name is Kris, Im 22 years old and I have three dogs. I go to college one of my dogs lives at home with my parents. That's Abby, a one year old german shepherd.
MY dogs, who belong to my boyfriend and I, are Ace--an 8 month old chihuahua and Summer--a 7 month old pug/beagle mix. All of the links to my puppies' dogster pages are in my signature.

Here are some pictures I just today of Ace and Summer, they're pretty big so that's why I didn't include them in the post! Take a look!

Here is my little elf, Ace:

Here they are on their new elmo couch:

Here is Summer & her antlers:

Here is Summy on her new couch:

I hope it's okay I posted pictures of Summer, too. Are non-chi pictures allowed, too?

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:wave: hi and welcome to the forum kris :wave: your dogs are adorable :D glad you found this site, you will love it :!: I think you can post pics of your non-chi dogs in the general chat section on the board but I am not sure, maybe you should check with one of the moderators first (ozzysmom, kemo's momma, boogaloo)
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