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High five! *video*

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Sorry for the awful video quality. Eden's eyes are creepy.
They learned high five last night and were so good at it until I tried to do both-video and treat. They are kind of all over.

I found it interesting as I looked at the end of the video. There is a weird white orb/blob that descends the screen. You will see it right after I tell them that they are "such good girls". I was in the room alone.

We lost our Mick a year ago just this past Saturday. His ashes are still in the house. My husband cannot even talk about spreading them. Mick did NOT like other dogs. We have joked how much he would NOT like these girls. Ruby has so many of his quirks. She is also my hubby's girl. Our boy was his before we were together. So, I just told him that Mick wanted to be in the video. He looked at me like I was insane. haha!

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Soooo sweet! They all look very happy with themselves, they learned a new trick!
Very cute video, I love seeing your girls on tape, they are adorable! :)

ps: nice nails! :p

Oh and I saw the "blob", looks like Hope saw it too.
How cute! Hope reminds me of Penny- she seems VERY interested in the food.. Penny will push anyone out of the way for a treat.
I saw the orb thing too! I wonder what it was...
Aw they are so precious! I remember when they didn't know any tricks, now they know so many! They're so clever and you're obviously a great teacher. :)
Awww, they are gorgeous little girls! Good training too, I think I would loose a finger if I tried to feed treats to my lot that close together!!LOL:D
I love Ruby's floppy ears...I bet they are really soft..:)
Thanks everyone. I am likely a horrible teacher. I have NO idea what I am doing. I cannot get the "down" command at all. I need to fly Kaila up from Florida to teach me her magic! They only know sit, shake and high five. I think by now they should know much more. That is a problem when the teacher does not even know!

Ruby's ears are about the softest things ever. I see now why they will not stand. the other two have soft ears but they are thicker (if that makes sense) than hers. Hers are like velveteen rabbit ears.

Hope is definitely the biggest piggy when it comes to food and snacks. Eden falls right behind her. Ruby, by nature, is more quiet and willing to sit or politely stand back.
It amuses me how different all three of them are.
Awwwwwww!!! How sweet, and smart!!!
They are so sweet and so smart! My crew loves highfives too. Such tiny little sweet hearts you have. They are precious.
Hahaha. Your girls are so smart! I love how focused Ruby is and all three are just so great! Keep posting videos, LOVE watching them. Thanks for sharing!!

Kudos for being a good teacher too! :)
aww that is precious karen. :) The blob sure was weird wasn't it!!
Its awesome how youve taught them so many tricks.:D Down is so easy..once they sit then you just put the treat near their nose and then slowly lower it to the floor and once they lay down feed it right then.
Love your girls and Eden is just stunning. Sooo glad you got her :love5:
hi look your triplets are not only cute but smart too
Karen, you are a terrific teacher!. Your 3 girls are the triple treats. I beleive in spirits coming by and I think Darling Ruby caught a glimpse.
fantastic video such well behaved girls and I think that Mick was saying I'm here too mummy x x
They are SSOOOOOOOOO cute. I love them! Are Ruby and Hope related? They both have very similar faces, so pretty. Eden is so beautiful.
OMG!!!! That is soooo cool! I want to be able to teach my dogs and birds tricks.... I'm not really a tricks teacher, but this is great inspiration..... how in the world did you get them to understand that. Some people can train their birds to give them a handshake.... I love that vid. Really really cool.
Thanks! I need to learn more to be able to teach them more!

None of the girls are related. It is funny because people often ask if Hope and Ruby are and I think they look really different from each other. Just goes to show how we get used to seeing them.

Eden, to me, has Hope's eyes and Ruby's daintier structure.
They are all beautiful.... but, I love Hope....Eden is a total doll and so is ruby.... too cute!
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